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1v1 Podcast with Leukael Episode 28 | Vlhadus Gaming

August 10, 2022 Vlhadus Gaming Season 1 Episode 28
1v1 Podcast
1v1 Podcast with Leukael Episode 28 | Vlhadus Gaming
Show Notes

Hello everyone, this is 1v1. Premium 2nd monitor content to listen to your favorite Ashes of Creation Content Creator in a chill, laid back manner and get to know them a little better. My 28th guest on 1v1 is Leukael, a guild member from the guild, Axiom! We had such a great time chatting about his gaming career, his life, why he plays MMOs and why he thinks Ashes of Creation will bring back an old school MMORPG feel. I really hope you like this journey we are going to take here on 1v1! If you like the video, then HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON, SHARE IT with your friends! Also, let me know in the comments if you like this kind of podcast or this kind of content in general. Subscribe to this channel and thanks for watching! And I'll see you… in the next 1v1! 

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Want to follow Leukael and myself? Consider joining our guild, Axiom!

Axiom is one of the very few guilds that has been involved in the AoC community since the Kickstarter campaign in 2017. The GM is a Phoenix Initiative member followed by 100+ Alpha 1 testers and many more in Alpha 2. We value respect and a constructive, progression focused mind-set. We are playing other games together while we wait for Ashes of Creation.

We are a PvX guild because we love to play MMOs, and we understand the diversity of playstyles that come with the genre. For the casual player, that means accessibility to events, ways to contribute to the greater goal of the guild,  and time spent enjoying the game with good people at a similar pace; for the hardcore we offer adequate structure, expectations, and leadership that will streamline cooperation with players like themselves to overcome challenging content and be the forefront of progress. Many are in between these styles of play, but every type of player can add value to the community. We will establish ways for these playstyles to coexist and complement each other so that all members of Axiom will benefit from the diverse resources, knowledge, and skills the community has to offer. If your primary interest lies in pvp, pve, crafting, or a little of everything, we will have a place for you in our ranks.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, please join our server and our leadership will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Leader: Angelcry
Discord: https://discord.gg/Axiom
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